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Do you remember how you felt on that September day

Were you scared or frightened or fearful in some way

Did you bargain with God and vow your life to change

Did you think of your priorities and decide to rearrange

What was important in your life and put God at the top

Did you think of your bad habits and promise that you’d stop

Did you go to church that Sunday and vow that you be there

On each Sunday thereafter no matter when or where

Did you think about your family, your husband or your wife

Did you realize how important your kids were in your life

Did you resolve to give them more time and show them that you cared

Did you cry out to God and promise to spend more time in prayer

Now this interval has past and as you look back on that day

And reflect on the time and each day since replay

As you think of the vows you made and promises review

I have one question that I would ask

Did You?

Sue Ikerd

© 2002 Sue Ikerd and Leah Savage