Lady Liberty's Still Standing

Military Prayer List


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We would like for everyone to join us in praying for our troops and our country.


I lost my life at Valley Forge my hand froze to my gun

I was but still a lad my life had just begun

Because we chose to bravely fight and die for liberty

Our great nation did emerge

Freedom isn’t free

It was spring at Chancelorsville I fought in a field stained red

We rallied against the foe while around us lay the dead

I lost my life that fateful day in 1863

To right the wrong and unite our land

Freedom isn’t free

Poppies grow in Flanders Field, their numbers rival the dead

Each bloom denotes a life cut short this field is now their bed

Men fought in this foreign land from homes across the sea

They gave their lives for their beliefs

Freedom isn’t free

The sun shines on fields at Normandy with crosses overgrown

Gleaming white among the rows stands mine with the word "UNKNOWN"

My name is lost my face forgot I died for lives yet to be

That you might live in this great land

Freedom isn’t free

I fought in trenches cold and damp in deserts hot and dry

In jungles dense I thought of home, as I was about to die

Our flag still waves above our land because of men like these

We can’t forget their sacrifice

Freedom isn’t free

Evil men have rose to power down through the many years

They ruled the land and oppressed man with torture, hate and fear

When a tyrant is defeated and their power ceased to be

It’s because of those who answered the call

Freedom isn’t free

For generations they’ve stepped forth, left home and family

Some served on land, some in air and some served on the sea

They pledged to preserve, protect and defend our sacred liberty

So evil would fail and right prevail

Freedom isn’t free

Thousands fought through the years so our country could survive

To secure the blessings of liberty for those who are now alive

You may march and protest you have the right to disagree

But remember the blood that bought this right

Freedom isn’t free

Sue Ikerd 2003

© 2002 Sue Ikerd and Leah Savage