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(After a friend told me this true story about her first trip to NY City, I wrote this poem)

One Monday in NY

It was my first trip to New York City from my little country town

I climbed the steps from Port Authority and began to look around

The streets were full of bustle, people hurrying here and there

All speaking different languages, they had come from everywhere

I strolled Broadway and 5th Avenue, viewed St. Patrick’s regal splendor

Window shopped at Bloomindales and Macys, toured Rockefeller Center

I gazed At Lady Liberty in the harbor, as ships were passing by

Above all soared the Twin Towers, reaching high into the sky

Then something drew my attention from all these postcard sights

In the midst of all the hubbub, taxi cabs and traffic lights

On the corner stood a preacher dressed in a suit of black

Holding high in his hand a Bible he had taken from his pack

No one seemed to take notice as they hurried quickly by

But I stopped a while to listen as a tear glistened in his eye

He was telling about Jesus and begged all to believe and to repent

The year was two thousand one, the day September 10th

On that day no one realized that their life might quickly end

They were too busy in their lifestyles to be troubled by their sin

It was as if this were a warning to redeem their eternal souls

But they were absorbed in daily living, attaining earthly goals

Let us learn the lesson wisely, we don’t know what is our fate

Lets make sure are hearts are right with God, before it is too late

As the rich young ruler in the Bible who too ignored his plight

God might decide on this day, to require your soul tonight

Sue Ikerd

© 2002 Sue Ikerd and Leah Savage