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In Memory of, Rob, Julie, Mary, Bridget, and all the others who left us so young


Why did You take them Lord while they were still so young

Their time on earth has been so short, so much they haven’t done

When the last time that we saw them, we didn’t know it then

That we would never have the chance to talk with them again

To tell how much we loved them, to give one last embrace,

To take one last moment to look upon their face

Help us to remember not to live our life too fast

Because we never know which day may be our very last

We think of the joy they brought as we sit here with our tears

And realize that a life is not measured by the years

That someone lives here on earth but by the love they give

And the example that is given in the way a life is lived

It’s hard for us to understand and see things from Your view

Help us to remember they first belonged to You

We’re thankful You loaned them to us for just this little while

We’ll keep their memory in our heart and think of them and smile

We know You understand our grief because of what You did

You sent Your only Son to earth so we all might live

We know their life’s not ended but only just begun

We’ll see them in Heaven when our time on earth is done.

Sue Ikerd

© 2002 Sue Ikerd and Leah Savage