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The Farmer

He has been a farmer all of his life,

long before he took a wife,

he knew he was meant to work the soil.

His days on this earth would be spent in toil,

planting the crops and clearing the land.

This was all part of the Master’s Plan.

As in his father’s and grandfather’s days.

For generations this had been the ways.

in which they would work the land and the sod,

drawing nearer to nature and communing with God.

To each of his neighbors he lent a hand

They worked together to farm the land,

in autumn when the harvest came,

each one in turn did the same.

All through the week they labored each day,

but on the Sabbath they gathered to pray.

To thank Him for His blessings and love,

what they gathered on earth had come from above..

When his children were born he watched them grow.

He taught them the lessons so they would know,

and learn the ways of country and farm,

of love, truth, respect and to do no harm

to creature on land or those in the air,

and to be good stewards of the land in their care.

He watched them ride horses and float down the stream,

but he knew that their future could not be his dream.

This farmer he realizes that he has wealth beyond measure,

because here on this farm he has found all his treasure.

With his family around him, for wealth there’s no need.

With all of His blessings he’s a rich man indeed.

His breed is a rare one, it’s becoming extinct,

with this world’s busy lifestyle, there’s no time to think.

Life’s becoming too hectic and people miss out,

on all of the beauty that lies roundabout.

This farmer can see it as he goes through his days,

From bird’s nests to sunsets, each free for the gaze.

The path that he’s taken is different than most.

He’s content in his heart and has no need to boast.

His drumbeat is different but he follows its sounds,

with his dog by his side he walks over this ground,

of the land that he loves, he will do it no harm,

The place of his birth, the old family farm.

Sue Ikerd

© 2002 Sue Ikerd and Leah Savage