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This Is Our Future

Our children are our future we have been entrusted with to raise

With discipline and guidance, peppered with some praise

We must hold them close and love them from the moment of their birth

Until it’s time for them to take our place as moms and dads on earth

Little eyes are watching, we should watch what we do and say

Because the result of our investment may return to us someday

We must keep a careful balance and teach them right and wrong

Teach them to love their fellow man and that we all belong

They soon will be our leaders, teachers, soldiers, doctors, writers,

Truckers, dreamers, farmers, schemers, policemen, clerks and fire fighters

As they begin life’s journey we must carefully prepare

Each one for life’s adventure and teach them to beware

Of the paths that they shouldn’t take so they won’t be led astray

God has given us the Good Book to help us guide their way.

They say we can’t take our treasure with us, this we have been told

But the treasure we have been given, is more precious than all the gold

And somewhere in eternity if we have done what we should do

They will join us up in Heaven in our homes beyond the blue

No matter what our vocation this is our most important job

That we give each child we treasure the knowledge of our God

Sue Ikerd

© 2002 Sue Ikerd and Leah Savage