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While You Slept Safe Last Night

In heat and cold they dig foxholes and try to get some sleep

As sandstorms blow, they’re on the go with grit between their teeth

Once girls and boys who played with toys but now the games are real

As they breathe each breath they look at death with backbones made of steel

While bullets fly, bombs light the sky and missiles find their mark

They search to see the enemy and what’s lurking in the dark

They eat MRE’s , drive Humvees and slosh through mud and rain

Ride ships, or tanks without much thanks ‘til they are home again

They don’t leave their own, they bring them home and sometime pay the price

In air, sea or land they take command with uncommon sacrifice

As B2’s fly across the sky the world is now more free

In war and strife they risk their life to give all men liberty

They pray to God on foreign sod and think of those they love

While we at home are free to roam as our flag unfurls above

Without much sleep they promise to keep the noble goal in sight

They answered the call and risked their all while we slept safe last night

Sue Ikerd


© 2002 Sue Ikerd and Leah Savage